Beginner Gym Workout Tips

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    Try to use each rest interval in an active way: stretch the muscle you are training, imitate the exercise without weight to train its performance technique, take a small walk, rub engaged muscles with your hands. The main idea of any rest interval is to make it more efficient.
    – When training, you should stick to the two following rules:
    1. don’t be distracted by anything unimportant;
    2. everything but the training is unimportant.

    Such psychological set will help you to gain the required mental mood for your first workout.

    The best workout tips for the first workout

    – Speed of an exercise performance should be average.
    Weight lifting (the positive phase) should be quicker than its lowering (the negative phase). While the first one lasts approximately 2 seconds, the second one – approximately 3-4 seconds. Breathe out during the positive phase; when lowering the training weight, breathe in slowly through your nostrils. Don’t reduce an exercise amplitude; don’t help yourself by ‘jerks’ of the whole body (don’t cheat). It’s better to reduce the weight but to perform an exercise in the required way. Correct biomechanics of an exercise performance excludes hurry.

    – It’s very important to reach muscle failure.
    That means that having completed a set, you are to be sure that your last repetition was the last one you were able to do correctly. If you are not sure in this, it means that you are trying to deceive yourself and need to increase the basic weight. Always remember about the overload adaptation principle. I can often hear such excuses like ‘I just do gym workout’ but I think that this case represents no workout but self-admiration. Any kind of activity (including first gym workout) needs to have its final goal; but if your goal is just to visit a gym and show other people what a great sportsman you are – it’s no use for your body.

    — Use your rest intervals also to write down in your workout journal the weight and quantity of reps you managed to perform.
    It is the best workout tip. Compare the current numbers with the previous ones and get ready to overcome them. Don’t be sad if your basic weights are rather light; think about how good it is that you are sticking to this system and understanding your progress. With such persistence you’ll be able to catch up with local favourites who got used to work with heavy weights but haven’t changed them for years and leave them far behind in no time. In comparison with them your achievements will be constantly increasing. Still, it’s very important that you never lose your self-confidence.

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