Top Websites

Here is only my favorite sites concerning muscle building. Hope this list will be useful 4 you.

Top Bodybuilding and fitness websites

Muscle Building Magazines

Ironman Magazine
Muscular Development Magazine
Muscle & Fitness Magazine
FLEX Magazine
Men’s Fitness Magazine
Natural Health Magazine
Shape Magazine
MuscleMag International Magazine.
Men's Health Magazine
NPC News Online
Physique Competitor Magazine

North American drug-free bodybuilding, fitness & figure competition information.
Testosterone Magazine
Muscle & Strength Online Magazine

Muscle Building Photo

Bill Dobbins Website/ fitness photographer
Robert Reiff Website / fitness photographer.
Home Of Bodybuilding's FUNNIEST Cartoon Series, By John Gleneicki
Photos and videos of the internet's best bodybuilding and fitness models.
Erotic Fitness Models Photo — Your Online Reference to Male Bodybuilders Online
IRON AGE — commemorates bodybuilding's past (The 60's, 70's & 80's.)

Muscle Bulding Blogs

Muscle Mass
Fitnezz Blog
Get Muscles Fast
Unique Fitness Concepts Blog

Anabolic Steroids Info Anabolic Steroids
MESO-Rx — Anabolic Steroids info
Steroids Blog
Dibol Reviews Blog

Pro Bodybuilders Websites

Arnold Schwarzenegger Website
Lee Labrada Homepage
Home of Cory Everson
Ronnie Coleman Official Homepage
Lou Ferrigno — The Official Website
Franco Columbu Homepage
Dexter Jackson — The Official Website
Kevin Levrone Site
Dorian Yates Online and Club DY
Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty
Michael O'Hearn — Official website
Tom Platz Home
Lee Priest Site
Milos Sarcev Online
Official Site of Frank Sepe

Other Body Building Websites American Bodybuilding