Exercises & Muscles Worked

What Exercises Work What Muscles

When I was a beginner, this table would be useful for me. It helps to understand what muscles work in different exercises. There are a lot of exercises involve few muscles at once and in order to workout correctly you have to know this.

Workout Exercises Back Bicep Trap Sholdrs Tricep Chest Qads Glutes Hamstr.
Barbell Rows
Cable Pull-down
Bent-over rows
Pull Over
Pull ups reverse grip
Dumbbell Shrugs
Barbell Shrugs
Dumbbell biceps curl
Barbell biceps curl
concentration curl
hammer curl
reverse curl
preacher curl
military press
dumbbell press
upright row
lateral raises
rear delt rises
Close Grip Bench Press
Tricep Dips
triceps extension
Barbell bench press
Incline barbell bench press
Incline dumbbell press
Decline dumbbell press
Incline chest fly
Decline chest fly
smith bench press
hack squats (machine)
leg press
Leg extension
stiff leg deadlift
sumo presses
Leg Curl
tension level

Written by: Dennis Borisov
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