Compound & Accessory Exercises

Compound Exercises & Accessory Exercises

In accordance with the muscles and joints which involved in workout exercises they can be Compound and Accessory ones. Compound exercises are good for muscle building because they load few muscles group at once. They give real strength and muscle mass. This is especially important for beginners. Accessory exercises load only one muscle group and will be good at the workout end. The main rule is – always begin your workout with Compound exercise and finish with Accessory ones.

Here I manage list of most popular compound and accessory exercises for main muscles.

Workout Exercises
Chest Barbell bench press Chest fly
Incline barbell bench Incline chest fly
Decline barbell bench Decline chest fly
Flat dumbbell press
Incline dumbbell press
Decline dumbbell press
smith bench press
hammer strength press (incline and decline)
Parallel bar dips
Shoulders standing military press (to front of head) lateral raises (or shoulder fly)
dumbbell shoulder press rear delt rises
upright row front delt rises
machine press
barbell press to back of head
Back Barbell Rows
Cable Rows
Cable Lat Pull-down
Bent-over rows
Legs squats lying leg curls
smith machine squats standing leg curls
hack squats (machine) Leg extension
leg press
stiff leg deadlift
Triceps close grip bench triceps extension
dips (in upright position) pushdown
diamond pushups (weighted) Vertical extension
Biceps hammer curl concentration curl
Barbell biceps curl preacher curl
reverse curl
Dumbbell biceps curl
Abs crunches
abdominal reverse curl

Written by: Dennis Borisov
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