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Nutrition Tables

Calories Burned During Exercises

If your target is burn fat or gain muscles you need know energy amount burned during workout or another activity. Because this affected your metabolism, workout intensity and your body weight. Here your can see calories burned listing per hour during different activities for 130 lbs, 155 lbs and 190 lbs. It help your manage your nutrition depending different targets



Exercises and Muscles Worked

When I was a beginner, this table would be useful for me. It helps to understand what muscles work in different exercises. There are a lot of exercises involve few muscles at once and in order to workout correctly you have to know this


Compound and Accessory Exercises

In accordance with the muscles and joints which involved in workout exercises they can be Compound and Accessory ones. Compound exercises are good for muscle building because they load few muscles group at once. They give real strength and muscle mass. This is especially important for beginners. Accessory exercises load only one muscle group and will be good at the workout end. The main rule is – always begin your workout with Compound exercise and finish with Accessory ones


Calorie Table | Glycaemic Index Tables Ideal Symmetry

David Willoughby is well known bodybuilding developer. He created so called anthropomorphic measurement standard, which based on weight, height and muscle measurements. This standard is the target for everybody who is interested in muscle building because say average muscular development to which every men can aspire after a couple years of weight training (normal standard). There are two categories: normal and superman. Last one is the pro bodybuilders category. This kind of muscular development is quite rare.


Carbs Food

This table will be useful for those who control their diet closely.

Here you can see carbs food that contain approximately 25 grams of carbs or 100 calories.

This will help you to construct your own daily diet without difficult calculations. E.g. if your daily needs is 2.000 calories and half of them must be from carb, than you just take 10 products from the table below. It will be 1000 calories you need or 250 grams of carbs


Protein Food

Another one important table. Here you can see common protein foods for manage your diet ration. I hope you remember impotence of protein intake ( one gram for every pound of bodyweight). E.g. If your weight is 200 pounds, this mean you need 200 gram of protein or even more. Look at the column “Protein” in the table below and choose your food.


Amino Acids

This table contains all important information about essential and non essential amino acids, precursors and their properties. As you remember our body can not use protein in direct way. First protein must hydrolyzed into amino acids. These ‘construction bricks’ are used for different targets and for synthesis of new muscular proteins


VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS | B12 | H | B2 | A | C | B3 | B6 | B1 | D groupVitamin and Mineral

Vitamin and minerals are important for biochemical reaction in our body. That is why they must be taken regularly each day. It is not difficult because healthy food contains majority of all vitamins and menials. But you have to know which food and in what amount need. See table below. It will help you.


Glycaemic Index

Glycaemic Index is very important parameter when we talking about carbs. It shows why such food as chicken or eggs much more preferable for weight loss than i.g. white bread. You can see that different carbs behave differently because of different speed influence on blood glucose level. Food with low glycaemic index make low influence on insulin and blood glucose (it is long-time carbs), on the another head, food with high GI increase insulin and blood glucose level very quickly and it can lead to overweight. Actually, you have to prefer healthy food with low glycaemic index



Food Calories

IF you want to control your daily ration you need to know calories amount per average portion. So this table will help you. It gives information about calorie content in 100 grams popular products. You can mix them with other ones (not listed here). This table will help you to calculate calories amount in every ration and exchange a food ration with similar calorie content if you need it