NUTRIENT: WATERThere are not more useful nutrient than water. 55-65% of a human body consists of water. A 130 lbs adult’s organism contains approximately 40 litres of water. Water level in our organism decreases as we grow older. A lot of scientists consider reduction of protein ability to combine large amounts of water to be one of the man reasons of aging.

If your organism loses at least 3% of water you’ll not be able to run; if 5% – you’ll not be able to train with heavy weights; and in case of 10% doctors will have to do a lot to keep you alive.

Water as nutrient is the main medium for numerous chemical reactions that appear to be the basis of life. Our organism strictly controls water content of each organ and each tissue. Internal environment constancy of our organism (including the strictly measured water content) is one of the main conditions of normal state of our vital functions.

NUTRIENT: WATERThe role of water in bodybuilding is very important because it takes part in the process of glycogen accumulation in muscles; and glycogen, being a biochemical compound ¾ of which is water, appears to be the main energy source during bodybuilding trainings.

It’s important to know the following fact: consumption of products with high sodium salt level favours retardation of water in our organism. Salts of potassium and calcium, on the contrary, assist removal of water. That’s why it’s recommended to reduce consumption of salt and products containing sodium and increase products rich in potassium and calcium. In case of dehydration, on the contrary, more products containing sodium should be eaten.

To drink or not to drink during workout?

One of the most important things to be done during trainings is water drinking. Don’t forget to drink! Even 2% water loss will make your training sluggish and inefficient. Don’t listen to your thirst: intensive trainings suppress activity of thirst receptors in our throat and gastrointestinal tract; so you can lose too much water before you feel thirsty.

What’s the danger of voluntary dehydration? – During a training session your body temperature increases, thermoregulation changes and you start to sweat more heavily. In the result of all these processes the volume of circulating blood decreases and blood viscosity increases.

It can become the reason of blood pressure drop, faints, thromboembolic disorders (especially with those having varicosity). Fluid loss can also lead to stone formation.

Water and fat

Temporary water loss due to a hard training session or drug intake doesn’t deliver us from excess fat. Fat cells can lose moisture and reduce their volume (it’s the base of short-time effect of almost all anti-cellulites massages) but their quantity remains the same; and a simple glass of water will restore their initial size easily.

Fat mass can be reduced only by energy deficit (in other words by increase of energy expenditure) but not by water deficit.

Recommendations on water usage:

  • 2 hours before a training – 300ml
  • 10-15 minutes before the training – 100ml
  • during the training – 1 litre in small portions
  • Drink no less than 2 litres a day

Written by: Dennis Borisov
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