PROTEIN NUTRIENT Protein as nutrient appear to be basic construction material of our organism necessary for production of new muscle fibbers and restoration of all injured tissues of our body. The more intensive our physical loads are the higher protein needs of our organism become.

But why do they increase? – It’s simple: during digestion process proteins are decomposed into amino acids and exactly amino acids appear to be the necessary construction bricks for our muscles. If there are not enough amino acids in our muscles they start ‘eating themselves’ due to construction material shortage.

Proteins that our organism receives with food are assimilated only after preliminary decomposition in gastrointestinal tract under the influence of digestive ferments that turn them into amino acids. Exactly these amino acids form protein molecules used for cell construction. The main products that contain a lot of adequate proteins are the following: meat, fish, milk and dairy products and eggs.

PROTEIN NUTRIENT Proteins as a nutrition source fulfil two main functions: they supply our organism with both necessary construction materials to synthesize new protein molecules and energy (they are sources of calories).

Carnivorous mammals (including humans) receive necessary proteins with both vegetable and animal food. No one of the proteins received with food is used by our organism in its initial form: all received proteins are decomposed into amino acids and they are used for construction of proteins necessary for each particular organism. At the same time, 8 irreplaceable amino acids of our organism can be used for synthesis of the rest 12 ones if the organism receives not enough of them; but these 8 irreplaceable amino acids must be obligatory replenished with food regularly.

A part of proteins dissociate and release energy necessary for maintenance of our vital functions; the nitrogen that they contain is removed from our organism with urine. Usually our organism loses 25-30gr of proteins a day; that’s why protein food should always be present in your ration in the necessary amount. Minimum daily protein amount for those who don’t train is 37rg for men and 29gr for women. But for you the recommended amounts will be different since your task is to grow muscles.

PROTEIN NUTRIENT Daily protein needs of an adult person who does bodybuilding amount 1 gr per pound of body weight.

When estimating food products, it’s important to take into consideration the quality of proteins containing in them. If proteins of a certain food product don’t contain irreplaceable amino acids or contain small amount of them – you should consume a lot of such proteins. For example, proteins of leguminous plants contain little methionine; and proteins of wheat and corn – low amount of lysine (both amino acids are irreplaceable ones). Animal proteins belong to full-fledged food products. A complete set of all irreplaceable amino acids can be found in milk casein and products produced of it: cheese and cottage.

That’s why animal proteins (meat, by-products, fish, poultry, cottage, cheese, eggs and milk) in your ration must amount no less than 60-80%: in this case your organism will be provided with required amino acids in an optimal way.

The rest 20-40% of proteins should be vegetable ones. I recommend you to follow this correlation of animal and vegetable proteins during each food intake in order you muscles grow faster.

The most important protein sources:

Products Protein content (gr) in 100gr of the product
Meat 14-20
Fish 12-16
Eggs 10,8
Cheese 30,0
Milk 5,0
Bread 5-10
Potatoes 1,7
Beans 19,6
Soya 34,0
Peas 19,7


Written by: Dennis Borisov
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