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Muscle building weight training.

Fitness truth about Muscle building weight training.


Of course, everyone has the right to be stout and fat

but it must be enjoyed moderately

Muscle building weight training is popular. Nowadays it is a trend to watch over your health and figure. Still, the absolute majority of those, who want to do it, will never succeed. Even in spite of a fashionable fitness club membership card, in spite of huge money spent on a personal experienced trainer, on appropriate food products and glossy magazines teeming with promises of a flat belly for just one month or a buffed biceps for six weeks… Ha-ha… People need muscle building help.

Muscle building weight training. As I see it, the root of all these problems lies in two moments. The first is the eternal desire to work less hard; the second is lack of understanding of elementary things – the things that are to be covered by a qualified fitness trainer even before a lead-in muscle building weight training session.

Fitness mistakes and muscle building help.

I got tired of silly mistakes and it hurts me to watch those gym visitors who are striving for the desired result but cannot achieve it due to unproductive and sometimes even dangerous muscle building weight trainings. How on earth can a woman make her waist thinner when she’d been told to do Side Bends with heavy dumbbells? She will only be able to make it thicker (and, what’s even more depressing, – thicker in the most upsetting part – the silhouette one). Still, it remains one of the most popular workout exercises of all stout women of my gym. It’s a practice to follow movements of each other; and when I enter my fitness gym I often feel like I found myself in a strange world of Chinese rolling dolls where everything is moving from one side to the other.

Humans differ from animals only by their ability to gather and analyze information and to adjust their behavior to the situation in connection with this information. That is why I call you not to become like animals. Do not stick blindly to the methods and muscle building weight training techniques, which you don’t understand. There are absolutely no guarantees that the method that works well for Madonna or Arnold will be also effective for you. The aim of this site is to take adequate decisions that correspond to your potential and preparedness.

Now some words about myself. What does allow me to speak in such categorical tone? – that is my body. When a disciple asks me the same question in the gym I just uncover my torso and show him my abs. In this respect, I am always interested in reading works of such ‘theorists’ who always persuade people how it is easy to achieve ‘a flat belly for just a month’ but at the same time look disgusting themselves. May be, they simply don’t like lean muscles… But still, they are always eager to tell everyone how to build such bodies.

Muscle building help

I have been working at the night club stage for eight years. As you can understand, such specialty as erotic dance show makes especially high appearance demands. At the same time, I don’t have the possibility to be fatty during OFF seasons like professional sportsmen from fitness magazine covers do because my work is not limited by a particular season. That is why I need good and (what is even more important) permanent shape all the year round. It is relatively easy to get into good shape for a couple of weeks but it is much more difficult (still pleasant it is) to be in perfect shape all the time. Do you need advice how to achieve this? – I can give it. You have to change yourself by correct muscle building weight training.

Fitness truth about Muscle building weight training. Written by: Dennis Borisov
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