Knowledge of several principles easily compensates for lack of knowledge of several facts.

So, you decided to build muscles but don’t know what to start with? –In this case you just need to study this s muscle building for beginners guide very carefully… than you’ll understand that the quantity of your questions will have even increased;-)

Don’t take it serious. I’m just kidding. The truth is that everything can be understood if it is presented in a system way. That is to be our task for this muscle building guide. Let’s start from the very beginning – from the basic muscle building principles, understanding of which will give us an idea of muscle building for beginners in general and single us out among other gym visitors.


The thing is that muscle building (Muscle Hypertrophy) and fitness is a rather multiform occupation. Everybody understands it as he likes: one connects it with a flat belly of a sexy fitness model; another – with broad back of a monster-bodybuilder… But I say that bodybuilding, first and foremost, is a way of life. It is not a sport or, to put it more correctly, it is broader than any sport because one doing it is engaged twenty-four hours a day due to the fact that processes of muscle recovery and growth take place not during the workout itself but after it, when you’re resting. That is why you build muscle size (and this means that you continue doing bodybuilding) even when you are asleep. So, it means that we approached the first main rule of bodybuilding: muscles grow not during trainings but after them. Let’s remember this idea and follow to its outcome: enough rest between workouts is needed for muscle building. This kind of rest is called after-training recovery. To put it simpler, this process can be understood as recovery (healing) of micro-lacerations occurred in muscles. The ‘healing’, by the way, can also be called adaptation of muscle to loads but generally this process appears to be the very desired muscle growth.


muscle building training  for beginners   One can engage himself in workout exercises for years and doesn’t see any changes of his body. Strictly speaking, 95% of regular gym visitors demonstrate just this ‘result’. But why?.. – The reason is that they are workout with the same weights for years. Period! It is a medical case. Remember, that you need to give the muscle more and more difficult workload tasks time after time. If muscles are not trained with constantly increasing load (weight, repetitions, etc.) they do not feel the necessity to increase in their size. Remember, that muscles are to be constantly overloaded in order they grow and become stronger by means of adaptation to new heavier loads. I consider this principle to be the main one of any successful muscle building guide because if you are able to follow it systematically (even if you forget about other principles) you will have progress anyway.


I do want you to join those 5% of gym visitors who excite envy in others. That is why I’ll let you into the ‘secret’ of serious achievements. It is a Workout Journal – the instrument that will make you always follow the muscle building overload principle. Looking through it you’ll always know what weight you managed during the last workout and how it can be increased during the current one. I’ll tell in detail how you should run your Workout Journal and which records to make a little bit later. You definitely consider yourself to be the most intelligent person, able to keep the weight of a certain exercise apparatus in your head without additional scribble… Well then, welcome to the 95%...


muscle building for beginners  Workout processes of men and women actually don’t differ. We still belong to the same biologic species… though women do feel more pleasant to the touch:-) But most often the goals of men and women differ greatly. Beginners — Men usually wish to have more defined musculature in comparison with beginners — women; and their genetics assists them to do this. Men have more muscles in their upperparts and in addition they have more hormones that assist muscle growth. That is why woman is not able to ‘spoil’ her body with big ‘manlike’ muscles without steroids. Doing bodybuilding without steroids she will be able to get only a well shaped figure.


Muscle building exercises are divided in accordance with muscle groups that they are workout (exercises for legs, arms, etc.), in accordance with the quantity of muscles (joints) that are engaged in training (compound and isolation exercises) and in accordance with their vector (pulling or pushing exercises). Beginners are better to do compound exercises – these exercises truly build muscles. All classic compound exercises presuppose using of a barbell or dumbbells (free weights) but nowise training on exercise machines that needlessly simplify your work due to their structure. In bodybuilding the correct way of performing of each exercise is also very important because it assists the necessary muscle work. We’ll discuss it in the corresponding section of the book.


A repetition is a one-time performance of an exercise from the very beginning to the very end. If you have ever watched weightlifting competitions you would be able to notice that weightlifters perform a jerk or a push exactly in one repetition with the maximum weight. Bodybuilders usually do 6-12 reps because just this quantity assists build muscles most efficiently. To do it you’ll have to bring the maximum weight you are able to lift just once down to 60-75%. For example, if I could do Bench Press with a 200 lb barbell only one time, I would be able to complete 6-8 reps with the weight of 160 lb and that would be the best for muscle building. A series of such uninterrupted reps is called a set. You can read my article «How many reps perform?»


It is clear that each muscle building exercise is to be performed in a certain quantity of sets. But it is important to know this quantity because one’s load can appear to be lower or higher the required one. How many workout sets per exercise perform? The optimal quantity is considered to include 2-4 basic sets of one exercise. Sometimes, this quantity includes warming-up sets with light weights. So, if we know that a muscle group is ‘pumped’ by 2-4 muscle building exercises we can calculate that it suffers 4-16 basic sets a training. Usually it is put like this: Bench Presses: 4×6-8. It means the following: we are to perform the exercise ‘Bench Presses’ in the quantity of 4 sets of 6-8 reps each.


In order to use the muscle building overload principle you need muscle failure. To put it in other words, you need such fatigue of your working muscle achieved during the last set that it can no longer complete an additional repetition of a movement with strictly correct biomechanics. Just this way will be the guarantee that you gain enough load for your muscle building. If you stop the moment when you are still able to do at least one more repetition (if you didn’t reach muscle failure) than it means that you don’t do the full amount of work and your muscles have no need to grow.


For a long time all bodybuilders have been workout their bodies in accordance with the same training scheme. They had to complete a huge amount of reps and sets. Naturally, what came to the last exercises they were performing, the chances to force muscles work appropriately were much lower due to fatigue. That was why the efficiency of such workout routines was quite low. That’s why the one-training technique was replaced by a system of separate trainings of different muscle groups. It is called ‘split’ and presupposes training of different muscles on different days. Usually a sportsman trains during 2-3 days and than a rest day follows; still, there are a lot of splits using the training day – rest day scheme. To train the whole body a period of 4-8 days is required.


build your muscles  It will appear one of the most difficult habits for you to change; but it’ll do you a lot of good since your new eating habits will not only assist improvement of your sport achievements but will also be helpful for your health in general. Briefly speaking, you’ll have to eat more often but in small portionsin order to accelerate your metabolism rate and increase daily protein intake of your ration to 1 gram per each pound of your weight. For a start, try to eat more meat, fish, eggs and dairy products; drink protein cocktails or milk after trainings and before going to sleep.


Muscle building is a unique tool; like a miracle, it allows everyone to achieve what he is striving for. Whether you want to bulk up or vise versa to gain a slender and toned up figure – all is perfectly possible. All you need is your true desire and aspiration to achieve the set goal. And this muscle building guide for beginners:-) You shouldn’t be afraid of a huge gulf between professional sportsmen and yourself; they are just ordinary people and also had once to start. You need to understand that biologically your body is capable of tremendous changes. You are just to have the courage to take the first step along the road of these changes; and then, may be, not only your body will change…

Muscle building for beginners — guide, Written by: Dennis Borisov
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