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The Best Workout Routines to build muscles.

Routine contains everything you doing in one weight lifting session. Such things as: exercise and sets quantity, the exercise order and reps amount, rest between sets and so on. By varying your routine (for example, add sets or exercises) you can change the results you getting.

Best WORKOUT ROUTINES  to build muscle

Ok. If you want to get your goal and build muscle mass, it is time to start construct your workout routine program. Because walking into a gym and throwing around some weights without workout routine program is wasting time.

Here you will find the best workout routines and programs that fits you completely. I show you a variety of training programs from very beginners’ workout to advanced routines. You will also discover a lot of training techniques which can contribute to your workout routine. So… You can choose your program and enjoy many benefits weights training gives you.

First of all, it would be a good idea to learn few rules about programs and workout routine construction.


Knowledge of several principles easily compensates for lack of knowledge of several facts.

So, you decided to change your body but don’t know what to start with? – In this case you just need to study this article very carefully… than you’ll understand that the quantity of your questions will have even increased:-)

workout routines for men

Don’t take it serious. I’m just kidding. The truth is that workout routine construction can be understood if it is presented in a system way. That is to be our task for this section. Let’s start from the very beginning – from the basic principles, understanding of which will give us an idea of bodybuilding and workout routine in general.

You and the best workout routine choosing.

The best workout routine is the one that fit you. You have to choose exercises and workout programs that feature the exercises. It is important to say that one workout can accomplish different things at the same time. Bodybuilding workout routine build not only muscles but build strength too. That is why choosing your goal is very important before choosing workouts.

It is bad idea to change your workout program frequently because it needs time to draw a conclusion about your program efficiency.


workout routines

Muscle building is multiform occupation. Everybody understands it as likes: for one it is a lean abs of a sexy fitness model; for another – wide back of a musclehead… But I say that muscle building, first and foremost, is your lifestyle. It is not a sport or, to put it more correctly, it is mach more than any sport because by doing it you are engaged twenty-four hours a day due to the fact that processes of muscle building takes place not during the training itself but after, when you’re resting. That is why you building muscles even when you are sleeping. So, it means that we see the first main rule of muscle building: muscles grow not during workouts but after them. Let’s remember this idea and follow to its outcome: enough rest between gym workouts is needed for muscle building. This kind or rest is called after-training recovery. To put it simpler, this process can be understood as recovery (healing) of micro-lacerations occurred in muscles. The ‘healing’, by the way, can also be called muscles adaptation to overloads.

workout recovery can be split into two categories:

1. Recovery between sets
2. Recovery between training sessions

Suggestions (How much rest is sufficient):

WORKOUT ROUTINES  to build muscle



The law of progressive overload simply says that you must increase the amount of reps or the weight lifted every single workout (or as close to this as humanly possible) in order to ignite muscle growth.

One can workouts for years and doesn’t see any body changes. To tell the truth, 95% of r gym visitors show just this ‘result’. But why?.. – The reason is that they are working with the same weights for years. Stop! It is a medical case. Remember, you have to give your body more and more difficult training tasks workout after workout. If muscles are not trained with constantly increasing load (weight, repetitions, etc.) they do not feel the necessity to increase in their size. Remember, that muscles must be constantly overloaded in order to grow and become stronger by means of adaptation to new heavier loads. I consider this principle to be the main one of any successful workout routine because if you are able to follow it systematically (even if you forget about other principles) you will have progress in muscle building anyway.
No progressive overload = No reason for your body to change!

workout routines to build muscle

Triple Progressive Overload Technique

1. Increase Time under Tension
2. Increase Reps
3. Increase Weight & Do Not Cheat!


I want you be one of those 5% of successful gym visitors who excite envy in others. That is why I’ll tell you the “top secret” of greatest achievements. It is a workout routine journal – the instrument that will help you always follow the workouts overload principle. Looking through it you’ll always know what weight you managed during the last workout routine and how it can be increased during the current one. I’ll tell in detail how you should run your gym workout routine log and which records to make a little bit later. You definitely consider yourself to be the most intelligent person, able to keep the weight of a certain exercise apparatus in your head without additional scribble… Well then, welcome to the 95%...

  • Day of week Date
  • Goals
  • Cardio Training Time Distance
  • Weight Training Weights Sets Reps Notes
  • Stretching Notes


Training processes of men and women actually don’t differ. We still belong to the same biologic creatures… though women are more pleasant to the touch:-) But most often the workout goals of men and women differ greatly. Men usually wish to gain mach more muscles in comparison with women; and their genetics help them to do this. Men have more muscles in their upperparts and in addition they have more hormones that assist muscle building. That is why woman is not able to gain big ‘manlike’ muscles without steroids. Doing workout routines without steroids she will be able to get only a sporty shaped figure.


Workout exercises are divided in accordance with muscle groups that they are training (exercises for legs, arms, etc.), in accordance with the quantity of muscles (joints) that are involved in movement (compound and isolated exercises) and in accordance with their move vector (pulling or pushing exercises). It is good idea for beginners to do compound exercises – these exercises are real muscle builders. All classic compound exercises presuppose using of a barbell or dumbbells (free weights). In muscle building the correct way of exercise performing is also very important because it assists muscle overload. We’ll discuss it in article “beginners workout”.

Eight Get BIG Exercises

Squats (Legs)
Calf Raises (Legs)
Bench Press (Chest)
Pull Ups (Back)

Bench Dips (Arms)
Bicep Curls (Arms)
Military Press (Shoulders)
Crunches (Abs)

muscle workout routines


A repetition is number of times you lift and lower a weight in one set of an exercise from the very beginning to the very end. If you have ever watched weightlifting competitions you would be able to notice that weightlifters perform a exercise exactly in one repetition with the maximum weight. (one repetition maximum). Bodybuilders usually do 6-12 reps because just this quantity assists muscle growth most efficiently. Scientific researches say that the fastest result to muscle building gives workouts with weight of 70 % from 1RM (one repetition maximum). The majority bodybuilders can do with such weight 6-12 Reps. Though for muscle building is important to follow this number of reps. For example, if I could do Bench Press with a 100kg barbell only one time, I would be able to complete 6-12 reps with the weight of 70kg and that would be the best for muscle building. A series of such uninterrupted reps is called a set.

Reps categories: heavy, medium and light.

# of reps Primary Objective
Heavy 1-5 Strength

Medium 6-12 Muscle Size (Bodybuilding)

Light 13+ Fitness, Endurance

№ of reps Primary Objective
Heavy 1-5 Strength
Medium 6-12 Muscle Size (Bodybuilding)
Light 13+ Fitness, Endurance

For muscle building, workout routines should concentrate on medium sets where maximum hypertrophy (muscle growth) will occur. More reps represent what are referred to as sub-maximal loads. See the table below.

good workout routine


Group of reps (lifting and lowering a weight) of an exercise after which you take a brief rest period is named as set. It is clear that each exercise must be performed in a certain quantity of sets. It is important to know this quantity because overload can be lower or higher then required . The optimal quantity is considered to include 2-4 working sets of one exercise. Sometimes, this quantity includes warming-up sets with light weights. So, if we know that in workout routine a muscle group is trained by 2-4 exercises we can calculate that it give us 4-16 basic sets for one day workout. Usually it is put like this:
Bench Presses: 4×6-8.
It means the following: we are to perform the exercise ‘Bench Presses’ in the quantity of 4 sets and make 6-8 reps in each set.

Every exercise

1-2 warm up sets
2-4 working sets


In order to use the overload principle you need muscle failure. To put it in other words, you need achieve such muscles fatigue during the last movement that it can not be possible to complete an additional repetition with correct biomechanics. This way will be the guarantee that you gain enough load for your muscle building. If you stop when you are still able to do at least one more repetition (if you didn’t reach muscle failure) than it means that you don’t do the full amount of work and your muscles have no need to grow. Because the lack of overload.

No Pain – No Gain

workout routines


There are two main types of workout routine programs.

A Full Body Routine means that you train all bodyparts each workout day.
A Split Bodypart Routine means that you workout different bodyparts on different days.

For a long time all bodybuilders trained the whole body at one training. They had to do lots of exercises and sets. It’s clear that there were much less chances to overload muscles. The efficiency of such workouts was low for advanced athletes (beginners can and must use such workouts); that’s why this kind of trainings was replaced by a system of separate trainings in order to workout muscles more seriously. This workout routine program is named Split and provide workout for different bodyparts on different days. For example, one workout might have you workout biceps and chest on one day, then triceps and back on a different day. Let’s take a closer look at this system. What is the main workout program benefit?

Training according workout program is a unique technique. For example, initially you trained according to the beginners workout program – training all bodyparts at one training session. Later you increase your strength and must increase gym workout intensity for each muscle group. Because there are a lots of them; and it’s impossible to overload each of them simultaneously (in that case you would have to workout for several hours every training day). And you’d be very tired. So intensity and efficiency of your training will go down. That’s the moment when bodybuilder must Split Bodypart Routine: to divide the body into 2-3 parts and train different muscles on different days.

Advantages of split workout

Workout routines splittingFirst of all, it’s our mental state because split-training allows us to ‘relieve’ our mind and dramatically increase training intensity due to more precise and powerful psychic effort. You must admit that it’s rather difficult to get psychologically ready for a long and hard workout routine. But this situation changes at once if we need to workout very hard but only for half an hour. We are ready for more overloads if it’s not for long.

Split training help us increase workout intensity for target muscle groups because duration of our trainings becomes shorter. Besides it, we can workout with a particular muscle group more purposefully because not all muscle groups are engaged during each workout routine session.

Workout routines splitting

Full body workout routine program

This single full-body program has only one routine (you do the same exercises on each workout without splitting) and it would be a good beginners workout. In this case, you usually should workout 3 days per week or every other day. By doing this you will give your body plenty of time for recuperation and muscle building. You can perform this workout routine as often as you feel recuperation, e.g., twice a week, or every fourth, fifth, six or seventh day. It can be look like this:

Day 1: Full body (Chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, abs, legs, calves)
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Full body (Legs, calves, back, abs, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps)
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Full body (Back, chest, legs, triceps, biceps, calves, shoulders, abs)
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Rest

fitness workout exercisesAnd workout routine (day 1)

Dumbbell Chest Press (2×10-12)
Cable Crossovers, Pec Dec or Incline Flys (2×10-12)

Dumbbell Shoulder Press (2×10-12)

Wide Grip Pulldown (2×12)
Seated Lat Row (2×10-12)

Barbell Curls (2×10-12)

Triceps Press Machine or bench dips (2×10-12)
Pulley Pushdown (2×12)

Crunches (1×10-20)

Leg Press or Squats (2×15)
Semi-stiff Legged Deadlifts (2×15)
Leg Curl (2×10-12)
Calf Raises (2×20)

Full body home workout
If you like workout at home, then this one is for you:

Legs Squat, lunge
Back one-arm dumbbell row and band lat puldowns
Chest Push-up
Shoulders Dumbbell front press, lateral raise
Biceps Dumbbell reverse curl
Triceps Triceps kickback
Abs basic crunches

twice a week divided workout routines

Such programs are good choice for pre-intermediate level athletes.
There are a lot of variants. The most widespread ones are twice a week divided workout routines based on bodyparts splitting in accordance with the following principles:

1. up’n’ down workout routines
On one day we train upperparts (shoulders, back, chest and arms); on the other one – lower parts (legs, calves and abs). The main advantage of this workout program is the following: each day work only one body part (upper or under); other muscles are not worked (for example, when leg workout we don’t have to train chest or shoulders). The main disadvantage is that the ‘upperparts’ day appears to be overloaded with exercises.

Upper boby
-Chest and back
— Shoulders
— Arms: biceps & triceps

— Wrists

Lower body
— Thighs
— Calves & shins

2. pull’n’ push workout routines
On one day we train pulling muscle groups (back, biceps); on the other one – pushing ones (chest, deltoid muscles, triceps). We leave legs for a day that’s more appropriate for us.

Best WORKOUT ROUTINES  to build muscle  workout routines for men

3 big’n’ small workout routines
On one day we workout the two biggest muscle groups (back and legs); on the other one – all small ones and chest (chest, shoulders, arms). This method give us enough time to workout two main muscle groups (back and legs) that constitute the major part of muscle mass. When we take the other training session – here we train those muscles that, whether or not, work together with other ones (chest, deltoids, arms). Any kind of chest presses will engage deltoids and arms as well; that’s why it’s not a bad idea to combine their training.

1. back and legs
2. chest, deltoids, arms

3-4 days divided workout routines

Such programs are good for intermediate level. It gives more possibilities to increase intensity and muscles overloads. But be careful! The more intensive workout days each week, the more risk of overtraining. 4-day workout routines normally look like this ones:

Best WORKOUT ROUTINES  to build muscle

Advanced gym workout routines to build muscles

a muscle group a day

For a beginner I wouldn’t suggest that you workout such programs because of the big chance of overtraining. There are two ways a body can be challenged in order to stimulate new growth- Training heavier and training longer. All of them are dangerous:

 build muscle  workout routines for men

I hope you remember that you need to start a training session with compound multi-joint exercises and finish it with isolation single-joint ones because strength growth is especially important for muscle growth. These two parameters appear to be in direct proportion.

For beginners I’d say even more categorically: for the next several months you’d better forget about isolation exercises and train only by means of compound ones.

Compound exercises are such exercises when broad muscle groups are engaged into the training process. As a rule, their performance requires activity of several joints and big physical efforts of the whole body. That’s why compound exercises appear to be the core of the core of weight training and the main part of any muscle building programs.

Compound exercises (basic ones)

Thigh front side: Barbell Squats, Leg Presses.

Thigh back side: Barbell Deadlifts,

The back:
Bent Over Barbell Rows
Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

Deltoid Muscles:
Front Barbell Presses
Dumbbell Presses
Barbell Rows to Chin

Chest (upper part):
Barbell Incline Bench Presses (30-45°)
Dumbbell Incline Bench Presses (30-45°)

Chest (middle part):
Incline Barbell (Dumbbell) Bench Pulls

Chest (lower part):
Barbell (Dumbbell) Bench Presses

Barbell Curls
Dumbbell Curls

Presses of all types

The other important moment is the sequence of training of muscle groups if there are some of them to be engaged during one training session. Always start workout routine session with big muscles groups (that are the following: legs, back, chest) and finish with small ones – deltoid muscles, biceps and triceps workout at the end of workout routine. Here is muscles size list:

1. Legs
2. Back
3. Chest
4. Shoulders
5. Arms

For example, in accordance with these rules we can compose our twice a week divided gym workout routines (A and B). Note, that we are working bigger muscle groups first.

free workout routines for men

You can face such situation when certain exercises appear less effective for you than for other people. For example, Bench Press can be less effective than Barbell Incline Bench Press. In this case you have every reason to change your workout routine. The most important thing to remember is to stick to the rules of training composition presented above.


So, let’s systematize all received pieces of information in order to elaborate an efficient workout routines program.

In order to start training correctly and efficiently each beginner needs to answer two questions about workout program: WHEN and HOW to train.

‘When?’: we need to compose an optimal workout program to know when and which muscle group we are going to train each day.

‘How?’: we need to select exercises for each workout routine according our goals.

There are two main types of workout routine programs.

A Full Body Routine means that you train all bodyparts each workout day.
A Split Bodypart Routine means that you workout different bodyparts on different days.

Always start workout routine session with big muscles groups (that are the following: legs, back, chest) and finish with small ones – deltoid muscles, biceps and triceps workout at the end of workout routine.

You need to start a training session with compound multi-joint exercises and finish it with isolation single-joint ones

Split allows us to workout different muscle groups on different days.

The most common principles of split composition for beginners appear to be the following ones:

1. upperparts – underparts
2. pull – push
3 big – small
4. a muscle group a day

Gym Workout Routines Tips:

  • Choose goal before workout routine choosing
  • Each workout routine should last a MAXIMUM of 1 hour, 45 minutes being good
  • Rest. Muscles grow not during workouts but after them.
  • Muscle groups should be worked a MAXIMUM of twice a week if using splits and three times if using full-body routines.
  • Remember, that muscles must be constantly overloaded in order to grow and become stronger by means of adaptation to new heavier loads.
  • In order to use the overload principle you need muscle failure.
  • Workout routine diary – the instrument that will help you always follow the workouts overload principle.
  • Fastest result to muscle building gives workouts with weight of 70 % from 1RM (one repetition maximum). You can do with such weight 6-12 Repetitions.
  • The optimal sets quantity is 2-4 working sets of one exercise + 1-2 warm-up sets with light weights.

Muscle building is a unique tool; like a miracle, it allows everyone to change yourself. All you need is your true desire and aspiration to achieve the goal. You shouldn’t be afraid of a huge differences between pros and yourself; they are just ordinary people and also had once to start. You need to understand that biologically your body is capable of tremendous changes. You are just to have the courage to choose gym workout routine and take the first step along the road of these changes; and then, may be, not only your body will change…

workout routines to build muscle

The best workout routines to build muscles for men is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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