Rear Delt Rise

rear delt raise

Rear Delt Rise

Bent Over Rear Delt Lateral Rises is a wonderful exercise to improve the back head of deltoid muscles, a trapeze and rotators of the shoulder. If you want to working out the shape and relief of your shoulders and curve the rear deltoid head from the back – it’s right for you.

Rear Delt Rises Positions

Bent Over Rear Delt Lateral Rises can be performed in both seating and standing position. In any case, you need to get light dumbbell in each hand with a grip palms look at each other. Then lean forward so that the torso is close to parallel to the floor. You back should be smooth and slightly caved. Dumbbell should hang straight up in your hands under your chest. Hands should be securely locked at the elbows until the very end of the set. They can be slightly bent before you start the exercises, but to bend or unbend them during their sets are not allowed. All movement takes place only in the shoulder joints, while all other joints remains immobile.

Rear Delt Rise Performing:

bent over rear delt workouts  with dumbbellsTaking the starting position, take a breath and dissolve dumbbells gently in your hands, trying to lift them as high as possible. Doing this, pay the particular attention to the plane of your movement – it must be vertical only, passing through the shoulders. Do not pull dumbbells back or forward. The upper point of the exercise is reached when elbows are slightly above the level of the spine. Then exhale and slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position.

REAR DELT RISE - bent over rear delt workouts  As you perform, keep your back straight, jut slightly caved. The rounding of the back will lead to an injury.

Also don’t forget to breathe during the exercise, it is not only stabilizes the position of the torso, but also makes you stronger.

To load the rear of the delta more intensively, try to lift weights above the level of the back, but don’t overload, too. Do not use extremely heavy weights, it won’t allow you to do a proper technique and will result in injury.

The key to Bent Over Rear Delt Lateral Rises is a slowly motion and its full range together with the correct performance. If you grasp the idea, this exercise will be your best helper in building perfect shoulders.

Rear Delt Rises is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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