Press Behind Neck

Barbell Press Behind the Neck (seated or standing).

BARBELL PRESSES BEHIND NeckOne of the most controversial exercises for shoulders is Shoulders Press Behind Neck. During barbell presses behind the neck the main work is done by means of the deltoids and triceps muscles, which most people developed rather poorly. So the main goal of this exercise to build these muscles in order to have them in balance with others, trained with such exercises as military presses or dumbbell presses. The same qualities of this very exercise is the reason why a lot of bodybuilders escape it. The core of the problem with presses behind the neck is the flexibility of the shoulder girdle. The starting position itself requires quite a flexible joint, when shoulders go outward, and so do the performance itself – you must be able to make a pause with your shoulders back with a strong reversal of the surface. During this kind of tension a risk to damage your shoulder joint is pretty high, so if you feel any discomfort or your muscle-

rotators have tendency to be inflamed easily, than you’d betted try military presses instead.

If you have chosen Shoulders Press Behind Neck, here is the technique.

seated or standing  behind the neck pressThe starting position for barbell presses behind the neck can be either standing or sitting, depending on your level and training priorities. In any case, you need to take a barbell using a direct grip, which means that your forearms must be absolutely parallel to the floor. Watch your head and torso – they must be straight and no way lean back during the exercise. To take the load from the spine bend a bit in the lumbus, while your barbell is in its lower position behind your neck, in the trapezius muscles area. Now, when you’re ready, raise the barbell carefully over your head and then lower it in the same careful way to the starting position.

If you’re performing Shoulders Press Behind Neck in a standing position, there is no need to raise a heavy barbell from the floor at the beginning of each approach, you won’t last long in this case. If you do exercise while standing, place the barbell on the rack. Take it from the it, standing back to it. Don’t try to load too much, otherwise the work will be spread from your deltoids and triceps to your back which is extremely traumatic.

If  seated   behind the neck pressdone properly, barbell presses behind the neck can help you in developing one of the most challenging muscles of shoulder group, but don’t forget to check on your joints condition before get yourself acquainted with it.


Seated and Standing Press Behind th Neck is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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