Military Press


Standing Military Press Exercise.

Military press or barbell shoulder press is one of the best exercises for development of the shoulder girdle muscles and triceps. In this exercise, most of the load is to deltoid muscle, with emphasis on the anterior and triceps. In standing military press exercise, the time of maximum reduction of triceps coincides with the moment of its maximum tension, which significantly affects the strength and muscle mass.

Proper Military Press Performing

Standing military press should be done after the warm-up, which is necessary for the proper work of muscles. Starting position must be as following: back straight, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, slightly (but not much) bent in the knees. The bar is squeezed into the top point smoothly, hands symmetrically and fully straighten the elbows. You should use the grip slightly wider than shoulders are. After a barbell reaches its top point, it should be slowly lowered to the breast, avoiding touching the breast or shoulder, meanwhile muscles must not relax at the lowest point. The legs should not bend much and/or participate in the jerk.

Standing Military Press Tips:

front military press exercise Standing Military presses considered to be more natural and safe movement for the shoulder joints than other types of presses. Still, it’s not recommended to perform this exercise if there were problems with the spine or shoulders. While performing make sure that your technique is right:

— your body is straight and there is no swing back when you’re pressing, because if there is, the load comes from the shoulders to the back and you can get a serious injury. To control your body look forward while performing, keep your abdominal muscles tight and try not to make jerky movements during the presses.

— at the top of the trajectory your elbows must be fully straighten, but you need to control the time of staying in this position in order not to harm your muscles.

— Resting with a weight on your chest is not allowed under any circumstances. It’s better to rest appropriably and finish the training in two sets.

— You need to go full range of motion, otherwise the effect from presses won’t be as significant as you expect.

Military presses are one of the oldest ways to build muscle mass in your shoulder and build up your upper chest. Moreover, it’s regular performance improves your coordination and helps to get an astonishing torso you’ve always wanted to have. Try this exercise to feel the power of military presses on your body!

Standing Military Press Exercise is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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