Lateral Dumbbell Rises

Lateral Dumbbell Rises

Lateral Dumbbell Rises

The purpose of dumbbell lateral raises is to isolate the medial deltoids, supraspinatus muscle, and trapeze. This is a number one exercise that gives form, shape and width of the shoulders, because deltoids, especially its middle part, determine the width of shoulders, the first thing that catches the eye and emphasizes the athletic shape. Lateral Dumbbell Rises develops a well shaped line around the middle head of the delta and increases its volume.

Side Laterals technique:

The starting position for lateral dumbbell raises is feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider, dumbbell in each hand, hands straightened and slightly relaxed, dumbbells «hanging» on the sides of the hips and slightly turned inward, torso is straight, gaze directs forward.

When you’re ready, raise your hands in the vertical plane passing through the shoulders. Hold your arm fixed at the elbows and do not allow them to bend until the end of the set.

side lateral raises When you reach the upper point — dumbbells at shoulder level or slightly higher — exhale and gently lower the dumbbells to the hips and then, without stopping, begin the next repetition. All movements must be smooth and slow in order for you to control your middle delta.

Lateral Dumbbell Flyes is one of the most unfortunate for the bodybuilders, because it’s rather hard to avoid multiple mistakes while doing it. Still, some tips will help you to control your motion and develop yourself as much as possible.

Lateral Dumbbell Rises Tips

Tip number one is keep your back straight during the exercise. Do not lean forward, the movement occurs only in the shoulder joints, while all other joints are fixed.

Tip number two is about weight. Do not use too heavy weights! You are unlikely to endure them to shoulder level without bending elbows at the same time. Remember, the stronger bend the elbows, the lower the load on the delta. So be patient and start with a light weight in order to learn a proper technique.

Tip number three is to hold your breath for a first phase of the exercise. This way it is easier to maintain balance.

Tip number for – last but not least – is to perform Lateral Dumbbell Flyes before you workout triceps. If you do triceps before shoulders, the triceps will fail early and you will not be able to improve your deltas.

As you see, there are not too much rules to follow, so if you do, you will get the shape of your shoulders you’ve always dream about!

Lateral Dumbbell Rises Performing is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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