Hammer Shoulder Press

hammer strength shoulder press  machine

Hammer Shoulder Press Machine

Hammer strength press is a variation of a shoulder press performed on a “Hummer Strength” machine. Its advantage over presses with separate weights or a bar is in it’s demand in strict movement during the training and the ability to hold weights much lower that in traditional presses, that provides very good stretching to front deltoid muscles. This exercise is a good start if you’re new in the bodybuilding world – it allows you to try your power on a machine in a safe and effective way. As a result you get muscle mass in your shoulders, front and side deltoid muscles particularly.

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press Performing

To start Hammer Shoulder Press adjust the height of the handles so that they are at shoulder level or slightly below. Sit up straight and push your back and head to the back of the machine. Place the feet wider than shoulder width, so that the feet are under the knees. Now grasp the handle grip at the top, shoulders width apart or wider. You’re ready to start.

Take a breath and then squeeze the handle over your head, overcome the most difficult part of the movement, and when fully straighten your arms. Make a short pause at the top point and then gently return the handle to the starting position.

Though in gyms there are trainers to give you tips, it’s better for you to remember couple of rules for your technique without anyone’s help.

First, pause at the lowest point complicates the exercise greatly. When arms are close to the chest, the muscles involved is extremely tense and full of energy. Use it to quickly change direction and grip the handle out of you. If you make a stop, you unconsciously relaxes muscles, which means you have to make further efforts to re-stretch the muscles in full force. So you should avoid such pauses in performance, especially if you’re a newcomer.

If you are working with heavy weight, press your feet on the floor as much as possible for weight not to pull the back and hips from the bench. If the machine allows, use alternate sets with a neutral and direct grips to train muscles at different angles.


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