Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell shoulder presses seem to be a wonderful alternative for military presses – and they actually do, because the range of motion and exercise’s technique allow you to work on your medial deltoid muscles harder, rather than performing classical military presses with a barbell or two dumbbells. This exercise builds mass and strength of muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, gives deltas distinctly convex.

Dumbbell Overhead Press Performing:

To start Dumbbell Shoulder Press sit on the bench with the back of 90 degrees or slightly less, take a dumbbell in both hands and lift them above the shoulders. Your palms should look forward, so it will be better to bring dumbbells a bit forward as well. Pull the shoulders back, tighten the press, lumbar muscle and fix the spine in a normal position before the end of set. Slightly separate dumbbells from each other so that the distance between hands will be slightly wider than shoulders, and your elbows will looks down or aside.

dumbbell overhead press When you are ready, take a breath and tighten and squeeze the delta take dumbbells in a wide arc up. The weights move strictly in the vertical plane. Exhale fully at the top of tension and straighten your shoulders as much as you can. At the top of the motion dumbbells are almost touching each other, arms are fully straightened, and shoulders are raised. After a moment, lower the dumbbells gently along the same trajectory to the shoulders and proceed to the next repetition.

Dumbbell shoulders Press — Mistakes

Even if the performance seems clear, still watch your technique to prevent mistakes and disappointment from the result. For example, elbow joints should go exactly along the vertical line through the shoulders, and all the time turned sideways. Making sure of this you will keep yourself from injuring the shoulder joint.

Another common mistake is suing too much weight during the training. Do not use too much weight. This forces you to get delta, torso and legs into the work which is not an intention.

Also do not stop in the lower point of the motion, because this makes it difficult to exercise. Lowering the dumbbell and raising it need to be a single continuous motion.

Keep going with Dumbbell Shoulder Press on a regular basis and it will improve your shoulders steadily and give you lots of opportunities to load your shoulders together of separately from each other.


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