Dumbbell Front Raises

Dumbbell Front Raises

Front Raises Dumbbell Front Raises gives shape and relief to the front deltas, stimulate their growth in thickness, separate them from the chest muscles and medium deltas. The load also falls on traps at the upper point of the exercise, but still front dumbbell raises are the best for the front head of deltoid muscles… except military presses, of course.

Dumbbell Front Raises Performing:

The starting position for performance of Dumbbell Front Raises is standing straight with the dumbbell in each hand in front of hips, almost touching them. The hands must be almost straightened out and fixed at the elbows until the end of set, as in lateral dumbbell raises. The grip of the dumbbell may be different: either palms facing thighs or palms look at each other.


Now begin the motion: raise one hand with the dumbbell up in front of you. Do not allow any movement of the elbow joint. All load is concentrated in the shoulder joint solely. The dumbbell must not ‘fly’ in the space in chaotic direction but should have a straight trajectory from down to up and vice versa. Raise dumbbell to shoulder height or slightly above. Exhale at the top point and then slowly lower the dumbbells. Make a short pause and do the next repetition with the second arm.

Alternate Front Dumbbell Raises seems to nothing complicated, but still there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the technique. So don’t skip the tips part, because the correct performance is the key to the success in training of any kind.

The tips for dumbbell front rises are the following:

— do not help your body to move the dumbbells by rejecting the shoulders back and/or pushing the pelvis forward. If you do so, the load will be spread among different groups of muscles.

— to focus more pressure on the front deltas, hold the dumbbell palms facing thighs.

— to make the front deltas function at their full capacity, use relatively heavy weights and lift them up to shoulder level or slightly higher. If you want to hit the delta more, hold dumbbells with palms look at each other, and raise your arms to 45 degrees above the horizontal, passing through the shoulders.

— Keep control over your motion and avoid jerky movements of any kind.


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