Stiff Legged Deadlift

straight leg deadlift technique  Straight leg deadlift technique ( romanian deadlifts )

The straight leg deadlift (aka romanian deadlifts) is one of the most effective exercises for legs, especially glutes and hamstrings. It is performing using a barbell of appropriate weight, which can be added as experience of a bodybuilder grows.

Basic muscles that are involved in the movement are gluteus and thigh muscles: hamstring, semitendinosus and semimembranous muscle. In this kind of deadlift movement occurs only in the hip joint. Biceps thigh, the largest of the three muscles of the back surface, is located on the outside of the thigh, the semitendinosus and semimembranous — from the inside. If you perform the deadlift on bent legs, you also include quadriceps into the work.

The first thing you need to perform the straight leg deadlift is a good flexibility in the hip joint, so if you do not possess such, start with the bent leg deadlift, and gradually developing flexibility and strength of the joint go to straight leg deadlift

When performing the straight leg deadlift your legs remain motionless. The back remains in neutral, natural position with the help of static muscular extensors. Thus, the torso (back and pelvis) is a single element, moving on foot in the hip joint. When the torso reaches the vertical position, pelvic part is moving forward, achieving a common vertical plane with the shoulder girdle and feet.

Straight leg deadlift Rules

There are some of rules that you need to examine before doing barbell straight leg deadlift.

Barbell ROMANIAN DEADLIFTs  muscles 1. If you have problems with flexibility in the hip joint, start with the deadlift on bent legs.

2. Do not bend your back under any circumstances! straight leg deadlift with such a mistake altogether with large weights, can lead to very high stresses in the spine and the great pressure on the intervertebral discs, which is unacceptable. Still, there are three most common factors that provoke to do so:

— you involuntarily round the back if your hip joint is weak.

— tensed back of the thigh does not allow the pelvis to go forward, and the result of this is your back rounded.

— if you look down while performing the exercise your back will round as well.

There is a situation when some bodybuilders bent their backs a bit while performing this exercise. This is not desirable but acceptable because skilled bodybuilders are able to control the tension on the back. But if you are a beginner in this world, do not experiment with this position, because it can lead to back overload.

straight leg deadlift3. Proper breathing during the deadlift helps you to develop a greater effort to raise the bar, as well as to protect the spine from overload. When you inhale at the beginning of motion and hold your breath during ascent, you fix your torso so that the mobility of the spine is excluded. This isolates the movement of the hip joint, that not only helps to prevent injuries, but also to develop a greater effort in the gluteal muscles and in the back of the thigh.

4. A good grip is really important as well. You should be able to manipulate the weight using only your own strength. If you cannot do so – try some additional exercises at the forearm with a grip or weights.

5. In order to properly and successfully fulfill your goal, you have to keep your back in a natural, neutral position. Thus it is possible to give good load to buttocks as well as thigh muscles and quadriceps.

6. Do not use straight leg deadlift to workout lower back. This is very dangerous and can cause serious back injury. In order to strengthen the lower back, it is better to do the reverse rises torso (hyperextension) on the bench or in a special machine.

As you see, the romanian deadlift is exercise that need to be done carefully, following all the instructions. If you're a beginner, try to perform it in front of a mirror first, and practice your movement with the bar or a very light weight. If you feel that you’re grasped the idea, start to increase the weight remaining the same technique. As a result you will get thighs and hams you’re always dreamt about!

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