Leg Press

Lying LEG PRESS benefits

Lying LEG PRESS benefits

Lying Leg Press is an exercise which stands beyond the best leg muscles builders. If you desire to form well-shapes hamstring, quads and gluteus – this leg exercise is right for you. Moreover, leg press is perfect athletic exercise for people who are aware of their lower back load. Opposed to squats leg press allows to build muscle mass in thighs without getting too much tension on lower back. Still, as any other leg exercises with weight, this one should be done carefully, with all necessary preparation.

Lying leg press and seated leg press.

There are two types of lying leg presses that varies both in equipment and technique, although effect and muscles involved in performance is quite the same.

leg press 45 workout First type is called Vertical Sled or the Diagonalor. In this type weight plates are attached directly to the sled that is mounted on rails. You need to put yourself under the machine and push the weights upwards. Such construction often seem unsafe, but in most cases it’s provided with safety brackets, so there is no chance for you being crushed under the weight. However, this type of leg press is rarely available in the gym.

Second type of leg presses is far more widespread among bodybuilders. It’s called Seated Leg Press, or Cable Type Leg Press. It’s performed using a machine widely presented in multigyms: a construction includes a plate attached to the weight stack through a steel cable. You sit on the machine upright and pushes the plate.

Leg Press 45 Tips

leg and buttock exercisesIn both cases, you can operate the weight the way you want, making the tension harder (weight is lower) or not. Recommended position of the weight is the one where your knees are forming a 90 degrees angle. When it is so, start to push the weight away from you, using the power of legs. Not arms of anything else. Don’t forget to exhale while you exert and concentrate on your position in order to do leg press correct. You have to go full-range, so if you can’t do so, try another weight. While done correctly, leg press provides muscles of thighs with the load they need and makes you one step closer to the ideal body you’ve always imagined.

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