leg lunges exercise

Lunges exercise

Lunges exercise is among the most effective when it comes to blast your hamstrings, quads muscles and buttock. It is widespread among bodybuilders to create perfectly curved glutes and quads by varying the length of a lunge: a short one improve the quadricepts and a long one – glutes

First, learn a technique, lunging workout without a barbell. Your step forward should be wide, otherwise the lowest point of the knee will come out of the line of the toes, which is unacceptable, because the weight load will be transferred to the knee joint. You also need to go up and down from the squat as if you do single leg squat, which means that thighs and buttocks are the only parts that work. Other leg should be used only as a support for balance.

Lunges barbell exercise Performing

leg lunges  exercises  buttock  To do the lunge you need to place the barbell on the upper traps and put your feet parallel to each other a little wider than the hips. The stance is upright with the barbell on your shoulders behind the neck, the belly tucked, back slightly caved in the waist, knees slightly bent.

Now take a wide step forward and, holding the torso straight, move the center of gravity to the leg which is forward and land the knee on the ground if it’s possible, or leave a dew inches above. At the lowest point of the exercise front leg is bent at the knee at a right angle, when the muscles of the thighs and buttocks are taut like the strings. Then rise up from the squat and go back to the starting position — feet together on the width of the hips. Next repletion must be run on the other leg.

Lunges exercise is considered as a difficult one because of the balance you need to keep while training. Don’t experiment with the weight, especially if you’re a newbie, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed. If you’re performing the exercise quite well, check your technique and make sure that you are not losing form while bending.

Lunges can be done in number of ways, such as walking lunge, when you walk with lunging steps, or a bench lunge, when you use the bench to make the exercise more difficult. In any case lunges are basic for any legs training.


Leg lunges exercise with barbell and dumbbells. Written by: Dennis Borisov
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