Hack Squats

hack squat

Hack squats — build lower quads

When you need to build lower quads parts without too much pressure on the back, hack squats is just what you need. This type of squats is performed on the Hack Squats machine. In terms of impact on the hip muscles this machine cannot fully compete with the barbell squat, since it removes the burden from the back of the thigh. But the undoubted advantage of hack squats is that it doesn’t require dealing with such complex technique as squats with a barbell. Hack squats blast the thigh muscles in isolation, because the machine provides a stable body position and eliminates the work of torso muscles work by sustainability when working with free weights. The back also receives support. In addition, the machine eliminates the work of muscles of the shoulder girdle and hands — this provides safety for the joints and spine.

leg hack squat exerciseThis movement itself creates a major load of the quadriceps muscles of the legs. If feet are put forward, the main load will move to the buttocks. If you put your feet apart, the load will be transferred to the adductor. To protect your back from injury, you need tighten your stomach muscles, preventing lateral displacement of the pelvis and spine.

Hack Squats exercise Performing

To start an exercise get up on the machine and put your shoulders under the support. Make sure that you control your abdominal and back and start to bend your knees down as deep as possible. The best point of tension is when your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then go back to the stance.

While performing hack squats look after your knees, because they have to be in the same directions as feet do. Your heels should stand on the platform and not going up, and you back shouldn’t be pulled away from the support pad. If you do everything right, the result from the training won’t take long to see.


Hack squats exercise performing. Written by: Dennis Borisov
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