Donkey Calf Raises

donkey calf risesDonkey Calf Raises is another option to build calf muscles and an excellent opportunity to vary your leg workout. Although other types of calf raises demonstrate wonderful results, still some bodybuilders prefer this good old method to straighten and shape their calves. Why don’t you try it too?

Donkey rises can be dome on a special machine of with a training partner sitting across your back. Both options are possible, but the key point of this position is to make your calves work without any tension on your waist and without thighs being involved.

Donkey Rises Performing

At the starting position you need to be bent forward with the support on your back (machine pad or a partner) and take the handles or any surface for balance. Your torso should be parallel to the floor, and your knees should be straight (some bending is allowed during the stretching in order to let quadriceps do some work as well).

When you’re ready, try to get as low as possible to contract your calf muscles. Extend your calves and get back to starting position. Don’t forget to exhale at the end of the motion.

Performing donkey raises you should go full range of motion, as in any other type of calf rises. This is extremely important because otherwise your calf muscles will get the same load as in everyday life, while walking or running. But if you go the full range, the target will be hit – all parts of calves will be involves, including soleus and gastrocnemius muscles. If you feel that your motion is somehow limited, try to use higher blocks or ask your partner to place himself a bit higher in the air.

About donkey calf rises . Written by: Dennis Borisov
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