Incline Dumbbell Press

incline dumbbell press

Incline dumbbell Press

If you want to build middle and upper pectoral muscles and develop the pecs you dream about, incline dumbbell press is just what you need. Incline dumbbell press is performed on the same bench as incline bench press, but usage of dumbbells allows going greater range of motion and concentrating on some subtle nuances of training, which, of course, raise its effectiveness.

Incline dumbbell bench press performing

To start incline dumbbell press, lift the back of the bench at 30-45 ° angle. Lie on a bench, put your feet wider than shoulder width and rest them on the floor. Your hips, shoulders and head are pressed to the bench. Then take dumbbells and lift them to your shoulder level (closer to the delta). Your palms in this position and through all exercise should look up as your eyes do.

When you are at the starting point, take a deep breath and squeeze the dumbbells up so that they wiil be just above the shoulders at the top point. Elbows move strictly in the plane of the shoulders and are always directed to the side. At the top point arms are fully straightened and the weights are strictly above the shoulders. If it’s so, pause and tighten chest muscles stronger. Then take a deep breath and lower the dumbbells to the shoulders. Once the dumbbells reach shoulder level immediately change direction and squeeze the dumbbells up again without a pause. Perform all phases without acceleration or jerks, in a moderate way.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press Don’t forget to breath during the incline dumbbell presst. It keep muscles tensed, which increases the resistance of the body and gives extra strength. Also make sure that your elbows move strictly in the vertical plane. By approximating the elbows to the sides of the torso, you run the risk to cause a trauma of the shoulder joint.

The main point of incline dumbbell press is to form your pecs, but it won’t happen if your hands won’t be fully straightened, and dumbbells — over the shoulders. If it’s so, you won’t be able to «get» serratus anterior and the inner edge of the top of the major pectoral muscle.

Along with the cheating comes overtraining. Do not use excessively heavy weight. It will provoke you to engage in the work of the delta, torso and legs, although it’s not a purpose. While exercising, check your spine and head from time to time – they must hold the natural curvature and shouldn’t come off the bench.

If you feel bored by exercises of same type and nature, try the dumbbell bench press with one hand. At the same time try to squeeze the dumbbell as high as possible – in this case it is allowed to detach shoulder from the bench. Enjoy!

Incline dumbbell press performing, Written by: Dennis Borisov
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