Dumbbell Pullovers

dumbbell pullover back exercise DUMBBELL PULLOVERS

Dumbbell pullovers develop the major pectoralis, triceps, large circular muscle, the latissimus dorsi as well as the serratus anterior muscle. So dumbbell pullovers is essential to any bodybuilder whose purpose is to create a complete chest and back. The correct technique is extremely important, as it will allow you to expand your rib cage and feel perfect.

Dumbbell Pullovers performing

The starting position is lying on the bench, feet put on the floor. Hold one dumbbell with both wrists in direct hands, placing hands on the inner surface of the disc weight. It will be better to embrace dumbbell you’re your thumb and index fingers of both hands. There is no need to mention that your back and buttocks must be pressed to the bench, but take notice that your head should be out of the surface, in the air.

Then take a breath and lower the dumbbell behind your head, slightly bending your elbows. Try to lower it as far as possible, but don’t too intensive as it can provoke an injury of shoulder, elbow or wrist joints. Feel the stretching of your muscles and then return to the starting position, straighten your arms. Exhale on the top point and tense your muscles to deepen the effect.

While exercising, don’t overload the triceps by using too heavy weight. If possible, lie horizontally across the bench sop that the level of the pelvis is below the level of the shoulder girdle. It is very important to take a deep breath and exhale, that keep your muscles in right condition throughout the exercise.

If you’re a beginner, use a partner to make sure that no accident will happen as you lower and rise the dumbbell over your head. If it’s not possible to do so, don’t use dumbbells of weight that can injure your head if fallen, or try another exercise before you will be secure.

If you got tired of the dumbbell, try to use a barbell or a bar instead, or try to work with two light dumbbells, one in each hand. In this case the grip must be hands facing each other

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