Dumbbell flys

Flat dumbbell  flyes

Flat DUMBBELL FLYES for inner chest

Dumbbell flyes lying on a bench slope is a great way to develop inner chest muscles and raise the bottom and the major pectoral muscle, giving it a more rigid and sharp form. Providing yourself with such training you will give chest muscle the complete look and feel, as you have always wanted to.

Dumbbell flys performing

To start classical flat bench dumbbell flyes lie on the horizontal bench so that your head, shoulders and buttocks are tightly pressed to the bench, back is straight, feet wider than shoulders and run into the floor. Then take a dumbbell in each hand (palms facing each other) and lift them exactly over the breast. Dumbbells must almost touching each other, but the hands should be slightly bent at the elbows. The angle of the elbow must be fixed and remains unchanged until the end of the set.

Then lower the dumbbells in the vertical plane to the shoulder level or slightly lower. As you reach the lowest point, tighten your chest muscles as much as possible, make a second pause and change direction to bring dumbbells over the chest on the same trajectory. When the dumbbells almost touch each other, pause and tighten your chest muscles once again.

Flat Dumbbell flyes tips

Chest dumbbell flys workoutAs you perform dumbbell flyes, do to use heavy weights. By doing so you will force yourself to bend the arm at the elbow and lower the elbows below the shoulders. The more you bend your elbows, the more exercise become similar to the bench presses. Moreover, lowering the elbows below the shoulder level, you relocate load to the shoulder joint, which can lead to injury.

Also keep your feet on the floor-to-end set and do not put them on a bench trying to reduce the pressure on the lower back. Such tricks reduce the stability of the body and increase the risk of injury to make.

If you got tired of classical flys, try incline or decline version. The first one is performed in the same position as incline presses, gives more tension to the upper chest, while the second gives an opportunity to develop your lower chest.

If dumbbell flyes are done properly, it won’t take long to come up with a result, as dumbbell flys is one of the best exercises for the development of the middle of the chest, giving the breast a convex shape, as well as for designing a clear border between left and right pectoral muscles.

Flat dumbbell flyes performing, Written by: Dennis Borisov
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