Chest Butterfly

Chest butterfly exercise

Chest Butterfly is an exercises performed on a special machine called Pec Deck. It’s used to isotale chest muscles, shape their internal edges, separate the left and right pectoral muscles clearly in the center of the body.This is a very useful exercise that is available in any gym.

Chest Butterfly Performing

The first thing to start chest butterfly is adjusting the seat and handles height of Peck Deck so that when you take charge of the handles, upper arms and shoulders are on the same level and forearms and elbows are firmly pressed against the pads for hands.

Now sit up straight and push your back and head to the back of the machine. Put your feet wider than shoulder width so that the feet are strictly under the knees and the angle at the knees is straight. Hold the handles and then start to push them together in a moderate tempo so that in the end both palms are resting in front of the chest. Exhale after overcoming the most difficult section of the movement. Feel the tension for 1-2 seconds and then relax the muscles and let the handlebars gently separate arms to the starting position. Feel the stretching at the lowest point and then start a new rep.

The main thing you have to be aware of while performing chest butterfly is watching your elbows are not being pushed behind the line of your shoulders, if your shoulder joint is not flexible enough or if the chest muscles and still weak and inelastic. That can cause a serious injury. To avoid damage to the shoulder joint and, at the same time, to maximize load of the chest muscles, do not relax your muscles fully at the lowest point. Keep controlling yourself. Inhaling and holding the breath during the exercise also reinforces the position of the torso and increases strength. Right breathing technique will help you to keep your back firmly pressed against the back of the machine and thus to stabilize the torso and strengthen muscles.

Try chest butterfly exercise now, as it definitely worth training!

Chest butterfly exercise is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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