Cable Crossovers

Cable Crossovers Cable crossovers

Cable crossovers are used for separation of the bottom of the major pectoral muscle, giving it a sharp forms, as well as for a clear separation of the chest muscles in the center of the trunk and building massive pecs in general. To perform cable crossovers you will need a construction of D-shaped handles on the ropes crossover, passing through the upper blocks. Such machine is usually settled I any gym, so it won’t be a problem to try.

Cable Crossovers Performing

Preparing for cable crossovers, stay exactly in the middle of the construction and make a small step forward with one leg. That will give your body more stable position. Then, preserving the natural curvature of the spine (buttocks slightly back, chest forward) bend your torso a little forward.

Now extend your arms and gently lower them down so that cargo goes out of sight and elbows are almost at the same level with your shoulders. Make sure that all the movement takes place only in the shoulder joint, as elbow joint and wrists are locked in their position until the end of set.

Cable crossovers exerciseAfter feeling a good stretching in the middle of your chest, take a deep breath and flex your arms in front of the torso to touch each other or even crossing arms. Once arms are together, exhale and try to tense the chest as much as possible. Your task is to hold the peak of contraction of the muscles for at least a second. Then slowly return to starting position (elbows at shoulder level).

Remember to bend your hands a bit in elbows while exercising. Carrying out the exercise with hands fully straighten you risk to damage the elbow joint. If you straighten your arms while returning to its original position, than triceps work and chest load decreases. This indicates that the selected weight is too heavy.

One more tip is to keep a fixed position of the torso throughout the exercise. Don’t bend forward – by doing so you take the load off your chest. Also do not strain your back and keep the shoulders laid back. Thus, you exclude serratus anterior from the work, hence the conclusion: it’s better to round shoulders. Than to lay them back.

As you see, cable crossovers provide constant load of chest muscles and help develop central chest muscles along with other muscles. Try it and feel the result yourself!

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