Reverse Crunches

Abdominal reverse crunches Reserve Crunches is an important abs exercise that is essential if you want to define and curve the lower part of the press. This basic exercise develops strength and strengthens the bottom of the press and helps to build an appropriate muscle mass in it.

Abdominal reverse crunches

Reserve Crunches can be performed on the floor or on the bench, but in both cases you have to have some kind of rack for support. The starting position is lying on your back with the arms across the body or on the rack. Bend your knees and lift hips up until then they will not take a position perpendicular to the floor. Now you’re ready.

Reverse Crunches Exercise Performing:

Take a breath and tighten your press, pulling your knees toward the chest. At the top of the knees should be as close to the chest as possible, and pelvis should be completely raised above the floor. Try not to unbend legs during twisting, otherwise it will be very difficult to resist the temptation to help themselves to complete the repetition through the efforts of the leg muscles. Hold yourself at the top point for a few seconds and when get yourself down with a controllable movement.

To improve the flexibility of the lumbar region, you can pull your knees to the head. Not the chest. That will increase the amplitude of motion and stretch the muscles of lower back.

Another tip is that flexion in the hip joint and the rise of the pelvis should be strictly in the vertical plane. Otherwise, the rise of the pelvis will occur in a curved spine, which is very dangerous. Exhaling while exerting to strain muscles more and increases the pressure inside the abdominal cavity. If you want to increase the load of the lower part of the press, you can slightly lift the head and shoulders above the floor at the beginning of exercise and do not lower them down to the end of the set.

As you see, reverse crunches is a good way to improve your abs and create a lower press you’ve always wanted.

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