Leg Raises

abs Leg Raises Abs Leg raises is an extremely useful exercise when it comes to the abdominal. Leg raises if any type can provide a fine load of abdominal muscles and help to build a muscle mass you need.

Leg Rises Ways:

There are three basic variations of leg raises: Bent Knee Leg Raises, Inclined Bench Leg Raises and Hanging Leg Raises.

Inclined Bench Leg Raises develop the abdominal muscles as well as hip flexors. As for abdominal, the lower part is involved, mostly. It is performed sitting on the bench with your hands as a basis. Legs are coming up without any bent in the knees, so the abs gets its load.

hanging leg raises Bent Knee Leg Raises involve the lower part of the press into action, as well as Rectus femoris. This basic abs exercise develops strength and defines the bottom of the press. It is done the same as hanging leg raises – hanging on a bar and pulling your legs up, while knees are bent.

As for the Hanging Leg Raises involves the lower part of the press, as well as direct femoris. This basic abd exercise develops strength and pulls the bottom of the press. It is the most exhausting, yet extremely effective exercise for the abdominal muscles. This is probably the most powerful tool to build of the lower cube press. It is performed hanging on a bar and pulling your legs up, while they remains straight.

Leg Rises — lower abs exercises Tips

The common tips for any type of leg raises is to raise your legs as high as possible and try to keep them at the top point for a few seconds. Exhale at the top point also makes difference in exercise’s effectiveness to the better. The correct performance and regularity of training will improve your abdominal stronger than you can imagine!



Hanging Leg Rises Exercise is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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