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best ab exercises

The Best Ab Exercises for men & women.

ab exercises for men In order to shape firm abs it’s not necessary to make Hanging Leg Raises, Crunches or other abdominal exercises.

For defined abs only two things are necessary:

-your body fat level should be lower 10%

— abdominal muscles size

That’s why no mater how well your abs are developed nobody will be able to see them if your fat supply is too big. So, the diet is the main thing; but what about abdominal exercises?

Another important moment is that abdominal exercises will not eliminate fat around your midsection, but abs exercises will help you in another way. I tell you about this things in abdominal workout section.

If you’ve never workout your abs before you, possibly, don’t know that leg and torso raises (abdominal reverse curl) must be added with different variants of crunches (ordinary, twist, etc.). And I’ll explain why.

Abs exercise anatomy

There are few abdominal muscles:

abdominal exercises anatomy

Rectus Abdominis (the biggest one abs muscle). It begin from the breastbone and finish to the public bone. This abdominal muscle help you to keep still spine when you do something (it help to keep spine still when you move other body parts). The second important thing rectus do is curl your spine when you perform such abdominal exercise as crunches.

best abs exercise Obliques (internal and external). This abdominal muscles installed diagonally down and up your sides. They help to keep lower back support and help to curl your spine forward. Another important thing is giving possibility to bend and twist to the side.

Transversus abdominis is the deepest one. This abdominal muscle is under rectus abdominal. It work when you standing or sitting, keeping your posture and support your lower back.

Anatomically, the rectus muscle has three or four transversal intersections along its whole length: two – above the navel, one – at the navel level and one – below it. Upper ‘pack’ (upper abs) develop faster than other because the majority of abdominal exercises appear to be different torso raises in the lying position (twists, crunches). It’s much more difficult to workout lower abs because abdominal exercises selection here is rather specific and simple leg raises are not enough. To tell you the truth, leg raises is the most useless exercise for abs workout. In order to feel lower abs it’s necessary to limit leg work as much as possible; you need to move only your pelvis. The majority of people don’t know this rule and go on raising their legs year after year without any visible result.

The best abs exercises toplist

Basic abdominal crunches


This abdominal exercise is the fundament of your well shaped abs. All abs muscles work in it.

(curl up ant forward)

abdominal reverse curl

abdominal exercises revers

This abs exercise focuses the workload on the rectus abdominal lower part of your main abdominal muscles.

hanging leg raise

For rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis (front and lower frontal portion of the abdominal wall)

crunch twist

For rectus abdominis and obliques (front and sides of the abdominal wall respectively)

The Best ab exercises for men and women

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