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Lateral pull down workout

Lateral pull down machine is one the basic machines in any gym, that is the best advertisement for this type of back exercises than any other. Lat pull downs are the best helpers in building perfectly massive upper lats, rhomboids and traps. The purpose of this back exercise is much the same as of pull-ups, but an undoubted advantage of it is that a person can rather easily manage the resistance and keep the heavier weights. Whatever the reason, if you want to master your lat pull down technique, than you need to be familiar with rules and hints of it.

Lat Pull Down Performing.

lateral pull down workout Initial position in lateral pull down is sitting on a lat pull down machine, feet on the floor, knees comfortable. Your body should sit upright, and your face must be directed forward for the spine to be straight as well. Now take a grip – it can be wide or narrow, depends on the weight you want to carry on — the bend in the bar. You are ready to pull the bar down, but first strain your shoulders by gripping them together and take a deep breath. Ready?

Then begin to pull. The final point to reach is somewhere under your chin, but don’t cheat by looking up, because it will take off some tension from your back and redirect it your neck, which is dangerous. As you pull, control your back as well – there must be a very little action at the lower back as the upper back is working. When you’ve reached your destination, wait for a moment to feel the blast in your lats and exhale. Then slowly, under the instant control, take the bar on its initial position.

lateral pull down exercise and muscles There is a big temptation to lean backwards during the exercises, but in fact the straight back is guaranty of successful lats muscle group stimulation. Another possible mistake is rising from the seat after the bar – but you can control it by using special pad that will give your thighs extra tension.

The main rule you need to remember every time you’re doing lat pull down is control. It means that you shouldn’t admit any momentum in your movements, because even slight one will loosen the blast and lead to unsatisfactory results.

If you got tired of classical lateral pull downs, there are a couple of modifications to vary. First, you may relocate the bar from the front of your head to its back so you will pull the bar to your neck. Some bodybuilders consider this technique more efficient, but for a newbie it’s better to start with the classical location of the bar. You can also experiment with the grip you’re using. Wide grip affects your lats and less arms, and vice versa. You may change the emphasized back muscles that get the most part of the pressure by changing the angle of your body and applying different weight with different grips of the bar.

About lateral pull down technique. Written by: Dennis Borisov
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