Triceps Dips

Triceps DipsIn this exercise all three triceps heads are used, particularly its middle. This basic exercise builds muscle mass and thickness of the triceps. Triceps dips, performed on a special dip bars, stepping up mass and strength triceps. An impressive appearance of your hand is guaranteed!

Triceps Dips Exercise

The starting position of Triceps Dips is above the floor, holding special parallel dip bars with an inward grip. Your hand should be shoulder width apart (adjust the bars, if possible), elbows back. Eyes looking forwards, body firm and supported by arms straighten on the bars.

Now inhale and slowly lower yourself bending your elbows until you feel that the triceps properly tightened.

After reaching the lowest point, hold your breath and squeeze yourself up to full rectification of hands. That is the upper point of exercise. As you dip, do not flare the elbows to the sides, they must move along with the body. Exhale only after the most difficult part of repetition is performed.

Despite the fact that dips focus on the development of the triceps, this exercise also actively involves the major pectoral muscle and the front of the delta. But the higher you climb, the more the load is distributed on the triceps. Use it to improve your training.

The elbows should be directed strictly back throughout the exercise. Keep your hands close to the torso and unbend them sharply in the vertical plane. This is the only way to focus the maximum load on the triceps. Flapping your elbows reduces the load on the triceps and relocate it to the latissimus dorsi and pectoralis major muscle. Such malpractice can lead to injury of shoulder joint as well.

If you perform the full range of motion, then the body weight as the load will be sufficient to work out the triceps effectively. Additional burdening does not make sense unless you are an experienced athlete.

This simple and elegant exercise will help you to reach the triceps form you want and won’t disappoint you if you will perform it carefully.

Triceps Dips Exercise is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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