Tricep Pushdowns

Pushdowns Tricep Pushdowns is a good exercise to end your training for today, as it involves the lateral head of the triceps as well as its long head. It highlights the side of the triceps and improves general stretching of arms. Pushdown accentuates the load on the lateral head of the triceps, giving the whole muscle a distinct shape that can be advantageously seen from the side arm. The more developed lateral head of triceps is, the wider the upper hand looks when you look at it. This exercise also cuts the dividing line between the triceps and biceps effectively.

Tricep Pushdowns Performing

To start hook a small bar to the pulley and grip it with an overhand grip (palms look at each other). Put your feet parallel or make a small step to feel stable. Then slightly tilt the torso to the trainer and pull your elbows slightly forward. Initially, the cord is pulled and the bar are located approximately at shoulder level.

Triceps cable Pushdowns

Keeping your elbows as close to your sides, take a deep breath and straighten your arms down. Take a note: as soon as the little fingers would fall below the elbows, start to deploy hands slowly and raise arms to the sides so that when you completely straighten your arms, hands in to the hips direction. As your arms are fully straighten, exhale and fix your position for a few moments before allowing the bar to climb up to the initial position.

Tricep Pushdowns Load

The main load in Tricep Pushdowns goes to lateral head of the triceps. Nevertheless, we can make it work in full force and for the long head of triceps as well. To do this, keep your elbows slightly in front of the body. But do not tilt the torso forward or pull your elbows back, helping yourself to doge arms down. This shifts the focus of the load from the triceps muscle.

In Tricep Pushdowns, you can use a heavy weight work, but don’t overtrain! Weight load should not be an obstacle to compliance with the proper technique. You definitely know tat without a proper movements all weights will be useless or even damaging. Take care of your technique and it will take care of your physical shape!

Tricep Pushdowns is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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