Preacher Curl

Preacher CurlThe rise of EZ-bar on a bench loads the middle and bottom of the biceps This isolation exercise prolongs the bottom and raises the peak of the biceps. Preacher Curl also allows you to isolate the maximum load on the biceps and is usually used to refine its shape.

Preacher Curl Performing

Performance of Preacher Curl can be both sitting and standing. Anyway, you need to adjust the height of inclined supports for upper arms so that the body is always upright, and the torso is in an straighten and stable position. Then take the EZ-bar from the beneath (palm look up) and sit at the bench. P the upper arms firmly to stand. Lower the barbell, and slightly bend your elbows, which are placed on support pad, close to the bottom. They must always remain motionless.

Now take a deep breath and lift the barbell up, tighten your muscles. As soon as the forearm will be in the upright position, exhale, stop for a moment, and strain biceps as possible. Then gently lower the bar until arms are almost completely straight and start the next repetition after a short pause.

dumbbell preacher curl Throughout the sets, make sure that your biceps remain firmly against the pad. This will alleviate the load from elbow and send it to the biceps. In order not to traumatize the elbow joint, make sure that, straightening arms, you're not harming elbows on the pad and the pad is tight enough.

To load the biceps to the maximum you can be tricky. When you come to the worst point of reverse action (elbow are forming a right angle), stop for 1-2 seconds, tighten the biceps further and continue to rise until the forearm does not take a vertical position.

An important thing to remember is that you should never straighten your arms at the lowest point of exercise. That can cause an injury of ligaments.

If you need a variety during your training, you can replace classical preacher curls with cable ones or try reverse preacher curls as well. Try preacher curls and find your own way to build perfect biceps!

Barbell and Dumbbell Preacher Curls is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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