Decline Lying Tricep Extencion

Along with the classical French extensions there is a variation called Decline Lying Triceps Extension. This is a wonderful exercise that really helps to load your triceps while the deltoids and chest muscles are isolated from the motion.

Decline Lying Tricep Extencion Performing

Starting position for Decline Lying Tricep Extencion is lying on a declined bench gripping an EZ-Barbell (palms are facing away). The barbell should be lying on the bench as well, so your hands in bent while holding it. The elbow angle in this position is up to 90° and you will immediately feel the extension of triceps as will set yourself in it.

The following is simple: straighten your arms in a moderate way and raise the barbell without moving your upper arms. The only movement must be conducted in the elbow joint. As you’ve reached the top point, exhale and lower the barbell gently back to the starting position

The main mistake you can do while performing decline lying triceps extensions is not to fix your elbows. They must not flare out as you lower the barbell – that makes the exercise a bit easier, but decrease the effect on muscles. Also don’t forget to press your feet firmly on the floor. It is not allowed to put your feet on the bench because that will make balancing very difficult. To feel comfortable while performing Decline Lying Tricep Extencion at the first time, ask a partner to be near throughout the set.

Decline Lying Tricep Extencion is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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