Close-Grip Bench Press

close-grip bench presses Close-grip bench presses involves the top of all triceps, upper chest and front of the delta. This basic exercise affects the strength, volume and density of the triceps. close-grip press is perhaps the most effective exercise for the stimulation of growth of triceps, in particular its upper part. In addition, the close-grip bench press thoroughly ironed upper chest and anterior deltoid muscles. Of course, all these results can be reached only if the technique is correct.

Close-Grip Bench Presses Performing

To start close grip bench press put a bench under a horizontal racks for bars, so that when you lie on a bench a bar appeared to be strictly above your head. If there are no racks in your gym, you will need a partner to serve the bars.

Your starting posture is lying on the bench, waist slightly bent and head, shoulders and buttocks pressed tightly to the bench. Grip the bar grip with an overhand grip (palms facing your feet). The distance between your hands should be less than the width of the shoulders. An exact distance between your hands depends on the types of head and neck and your ability to keep a loaded barbell in equilibrium. When you get an appropriate grip, squeeze the bar up and fully straighten your arms. Than take a deep breath and lower the bar to the bottom of the chest. Keep breathing. As soon as the bar touches the chest, do not stop and immediately begin pressing the bar up. When the most difficult part is passed, exhale and exert. Once the arms are fully straightened (upper point of exercise), paused for a moment and try to strain triceps as much as possible. All movements must be moderate and smooth, without jerks or too long pauses.

Close-Grip Bench Tips

The main tip for close grip bench press is to perform it at the beginning of training the triceps, when your musclesv are fresh. By doing so you will be able to load them with a really shock weight. But be careful and do not perform this exercise alone, especially if you are just in the beginning of bodybuild trainings.

Another important point is to hold the bar firmly, not allowing it to lean to the right or to the left. To this end, make sure that hands are the same distance from the center of the bar. If you need to make the task a bit easier in retaining the bar in equilibrium, use EZ-barbell.

Check on your breathing and action all the time. It is essential to hold their breath while lowering bar and bench press, until the moment when you will overcome the most difficult part. This helps to develop a strong effort and firmly fix the spine in the correct position. It is essential to hold your breath while lowering bar until the moment when you will overcome the most difficult part. This helps to develop a strong effort and firmly fix the spine in the correct position. Do not stop at the bottom point. That will immediately shift the focus of the load from the triceps muscle on the chest. Begin pressing the bar upward the very moment the bar touches the nipple area of the breast.

Make sure that your technique is correct and enjoy one of the most powerful arm exercises!

Close-Grip Bench Presses is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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