Barbell Reverse Curl

Barbell Reverse Curl Barbell Reverse Grip Curls

Barbell reverse curl is not a exercise that catches your eye and thought first time you come to the gym. This is a consequence of widespread preconception that the weight is the key point of the training. But the very result of this exercise proves preconception wrong. Barbell reverse curls allows you to refine the shape and thickness of your biceps indirectly, by training your brachialis. This muscle is satiated below the bicep and hard to see, but it’s development have a huge impact on bicep’s shape and look. So even if it seems simple and worthless, try and see a amazing result.

Barbell Reverse Curl Performing

The starting position is the same as for classical barbell curls, but the difference is in the grip. Grip the top of the barbell, not underneath. You can make a grip closer to increase the blast on your muscles. It’s preferable to use the EZ bar as it gives less stress to your wrists throughout the movement. Then take a deep breath and hold it. Tighten your biceps and lift the barbell up. As soon as the forearm will be the upright position, exhale, stop for a moment, and even more strain biceps. Then lower the bar until arms become almost completely straight, take a short break and start the next repetition.

Never straightening your arms fully until the very end of the set. Otherwise you have the risk to hurt the biceps and ligaments. Also make sure that your body is always in a stable position. Uncomfortable and / or unstable posture not only reduces the effectiveness of exercise, but also result in injury.

Focus on correct technique rather than on the weight and then you feel how your muscles benefit from such training.

Barbell Reverse Curls is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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