Barbell Curls

 Barbell Curls

Barbell Bicep Curls

Barbell Curls is a classical arm exercise and a core of any arm training. It increases the volume and strength of muscles involving the middle, top and bottom of the biceps, as well as upper forearm. The great range of motion provide a sufficient load to your biceps.

Standing Barbell curl performing:

The staring position is standing upright with your feet shoulder width apart. Feet must be are almost parallel, toes directed slightly to the side. Grab a barbeel with an underhand grip, keeping your shoulders width apart. Fully straighten up, bent a little in the waist and lower the bar to the hips. Your gaze is directed straight forward. Now tighten your lower back muscles and fix the natural curvature of the spine to the end of the set. This is a starting position.

Now take a deep breath, hold your breath, and lift the barbell up to the level of the upper chest, bending your elbows. Despite this bending do not move elbows, but keep them on the sides of the trunk and do not bend the hands and wrists.

Standing Barbell CurlsAs soon as the barbell will be at the top of the chest, pause, exhale and even more strain biceps. After exertion lower the barbell down gently, but do not unbend your hands fully and do not block the elbows. Make sure that your torso doesn’t tilt forward or back during all movements, otherwise you can lose control over the barbell. All worl is concentrated only in the elbow joint, while the rest of the body remains immobile. This core element is important because without following it you risk your health. For instance, raising or diverting shoulders back you take a load off the biceps and can get a spinal cord injury. Or, if you let your elbows goes forward during the lifting, you loosen the load on the upper part of the biceps, and cannot reach the top point.

Barbell Curls and heavy weights

Do not use too heavy weight while exercising, otherwise you will have to push the bar with the help of your hips to shift weight off the ground. This will not only reduce the load on the biceps, but also may lead to back injury. In addition, a heavy barbell reduces the amplitude of the movement, not allowing you to stretch the biceps fully at the lowest.

As you see, there is not much to remember, so there is no excuse for you not to include this marvelous exercise in your training right now!

Standing Barbell Curls is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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