Alternating Dumbbell Curls

alternating dumbbell curls Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Supination curls are extremely important for a decent biceps development. The reason why it is so is very simple: in this case the whole biceps work at the same time. So, alternate dumbbell curls are considered to be one of the most efficient exercises for biceps, which, by the way, can be performed in synchronous variant as well. The variety of modifications include seated and standing curls and curls on an inclined bench that some bodybuilders consider the most effective, as biceps get better possibility to be loaded on their long heads.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls Performing

The starting position vary depending on the type chosen. Anyway, you need to take a dumbbell in each hand with neutral grip (palm facing the side of the thighs). Straighten your torso, chest and shoulders, control the press. A little bent in the lower back is allowed and lumbar muscles must strain and fix your posture until the end of the set.

Now take a deep breath and tighten your bicep and lift one dumbbell up, bending elbow at the same time, while other hand remains immobile. When the weight rises above hips, start to deploy your hand up. At the top of the exercises — dumbbells at the top of the chest – palm is facing the ceiling. Feel the exert and then slowly lower the dumbbell, turning the hand and wrist back to the starting position. At the lowest point of the arm is fully straightened and hands look at each other. But as you lower your first arm, the second began the same movements, so you remain in a constant movement without any pauses during all set. Perform the set in a moderate tempo and do not make a power exercise out of it, otherwise the technique will become poor.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls Tips

dumbbell bicep curl  There are a couple of tips to learn before starting dumbbell bicep curl. These are:

  1. Do not sit across the bench. In this case you will unconsciously lean forward in order not to touch the edge of the bench by dumbbells. If you're working with heavy dumbbells,tilting forward rounds the back, which leads to spinal cord injuries. So always sit along the bench only if you perform seated curls.
  2. Keep the torso straightened all the time. All movement takes place only in the elbow joint, while the rest of the body remain motionless. Lock your elbows on the sides of the trunk and not move them. Leaning the elbows forward during the lifting you loosen the load on the biceps.
  3. Hold your breath while lifting dumbbells. This helps to keep the correct posture and allows you to develop a more powerful force.

If you perform correctly, that this exercise will certainly improve your arms and shape your biceps in the most nice way.

Alternating dumbbell bicep curl is Written by: Dennis Borisov
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